Monday, September 18, 2017

Hurricane Relief

 Bravelets has been hard at work producing your custom Texas Brave Collection! As you know, 100% of proceeds were donated to the American Red Cross - Hurricane Harvey Relief. We are proud to announce we raised over $7,000 thanks to YOU and your support for the people in Texas.

Texas is our home, so this disaster affected us personally. Our Founder, Stephanie, was located in Houston at the time. Her home was thankfully spared, aside from a leaky roof. She saw firsthand her street flooded, friends homes were flooded and destroyed. Our Lead Designer, Mallory, hometown is just west of Houston and many of her friends homes were flooded out. As a team, we were passionate to help. We started by donated items and goods in Austin at the Hope Thrift Store, Mallory transported pets from Houston to Austin shelters, Stephanie helped demo friends homes to get rid of the mold and ruined walls.

Then as you know, Hurricane Irma made it's way towards Florida and our hearts broke because we knew what they were about to experience. We quickly set up a fundraising page for the Southwest Florida Urban Search and Rescue Task Force that would be the first responders to the disaster. Support their mission and cause with the link below.


Anytime disaster strikes, our hearts break. We want to do as much as possible for everyone involved. We hope to launch new products with special causes in the near future. In the meantime, we are always open to new ideas and causes from YOU! Want to add your cause to our site? Visit our "Add Your Cause" page and submit the required information. View here:


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