Thursday, December 31, 2015

A 2015 Digest with Bravelets

Hello all!

Well, well, well...looks like we are about to enter the New Year, whether we are ready or not! I always like to take this week to reflect on what has happened in the past year and really cherish all that I've accomplished. It makes for a much smoother transition this way, and in this you can find new motivations for all those resolutions that are so hard to keep!

Let's start out with a bang: Bravelets has raised over $1,978,260 in donations to date and is on track to $1 million in donations in this calendar year alone. Our growth this year has been astronomical (or more like exponential) and it is all thanks to our wonderful supporters and affiliates. Thank you for making Brave Pages and promoting your causes. Thank you for buying Bravelets for your friends and family. And most importantly, thank you for helping to spread our message of bravery.

Our growth all started with moving to our new office space. We took most of 2015 to fully settle into the house (yes, it's in a cute little house!). Having this new office meant the company could expand in every way possible! We had 6 new hires this year, rounding out our team to 10 employees at Bravelets HQ, and you have already gotten to meet a few of them. One of them was me!

In 2015, we also had some exciting product launches! We released the charm necklaces and our "be brave" earrings. These additions to the Bravelets collection have proved to be awesome (I just HAD to get my hands on the earrings when they came out!). We have also been developing our Independent Fundraising Consultant Program with a pilot that started a couple of months back. The official "launch" of that program will happen in January 2016, and we hope the best for all our current Consultants!

The most exciting news that we have been non-stop talking about for the last month is that we managed to raise $76,080 on Double Donation Day of 2015. All that money for charity in one day is crazy! And we just can't wait to see what will surprise us in 2016...

Be brave and Happy New Year,

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Holidays with Bravelets

I just wanted to catch you all up on what is happening with Bravelets over this holiday week!


Our silver "Be Brave" earrings are back in stock!! We missed them while they were gone!

And they make great stocking stuffers...which brings me to my next point.


If you have an order over $100 for the next 24 hours, you are eligible for FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING!!! How cool is that? If, this holiday season, you forgot to buy something for your Mother-In-Law or want to get your best friend that extra gift, keep Bravelets in mind. No coupon code needed. Ends 12/23 at 3 PM CST.


Bravelets HQ will be closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so we can have some much needed down time and spend the holidays with our loved ones! I hope you all will also be spending time with your family and friends this weekend, and eating lots of yummy food and enjoying some really great presents...*hint hint*


I hope you have had a stress free holiday season and checked all your presents off the Bravelets Gift Planner list! I am sure that all your loved ones receiving Bravelets will love them! And who knows, maybe you will receive a few yourself. There is totally enough bravery to go around!
Have a very Happy Holidays from Bravelets!

Be brave,

Monday, December 21, 2015

Bravery of the Day Shoutout + a cute, informational video!

Time for another Bravery of the Day! This #BOTD goes out to someone who reached to us to spread awareness for her cause...

Lucy Laube is a college student, majoring in Graphic Design. She has always been an artist, a trait she traces back to her father teaching her drawing techniques at a young age. She got involved in an art program at her high school and began to take graphics and animation classes at the age of 15. Her passion for art and design only grew from there.

When Lucy was 15, she was also diagnosed with Crohn's/Colitis. She got a Bravelet in September to remember to be brave through tough times, and she has even gone a step further...

As a talented designer and animator she made a video to educate people about Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, and to bring awareness to her cause.

It all started with a video she was asked to make about Mitochondrial Disease Awareness her senior year of high school. Being able to add her two passions, animating and raising awareness for great causes, together made so much sense! The Mito Disease video got about 600 views on her Youtube channel in a few months.

After that, things took a turn and Lucy ended up being hospitalized for her condition...

"Over summer of 2015 I became severely ill with my Crohn’s/Colitis and was hospitalized for most of August.  After four years of fighting IBD, my condition is not improving and I am running out of treatment options.  I knew that I needed to raise awareness for this disease that doesn’t have a cure and the treatment options are dangerous or ineffective.  While I was recovering from my hospital stay and still on bedrest I began writing a script and soon after began creating the IBD film. 
Not a lot of people fully know or understand Crohn’s and Colitis and how devastating it can be.  I want to spread education and awareness of the diseases in hopes that new treatments can be developed or improved, or a cure can be found." 

Lucy is very active in the journey to raise awareness and find a cure for Crohn's/Colitis. She even designed and crafted magnets that she sells to friends and family to raise funds for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America.

In the month of December, CCFA is matching every donation made up to $100k. Visit their website or Brave Page to learn more about them.

Be brave,

P.S. Post about your cause or a #BOTD on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and tag @Bravelets so we can see it!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

We are in 5 Days of Gifts!

Blogger affiliate and friend to Bravelets, Bree from The Urban Umbrella (@urbanumbrella29), is hosting a really fun and amazing holiday giveaway week! Bravelets will be gifting a pair of 'be brave' Earrings OR a Signature Bar Bracelet.

Bravelets is being featured today along with some other really cool brands and you should go check it out. All the rules and information are on her blog The Urban Umbrella.

Be brave,

Saturday, December 12, 2015

We made a gingerbread house!

Happy holidays and Happy Gingerbread House Day! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and eating lots of holiday sweets!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

WORK WITH US + 2016 Opportunity!

At the start of 2016, we will be officially launching our Independent Fundraising Consultant program, which has been in a pilot launch for the past few months. We currently have 29 wonderful Fundraising Consultants working with Bravelets across the U.S. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of this cool program.

 As an Independent Fundraising Consultant, you have the power to raise hundreds, or even thousands of dollars for charity; inspire hope, courage and bravery as well as create your own brave, new venture with Bravelets. As a consultant, you will attend local events; share your story, earn commission and help others raise funds for worthy causes.

For more information, email [email protected]
To join, click here.

It's a pretty neat way to raise money, support your cause, and get other people involved! Not to mention, you'll be spreading the Bravelets' mission of bravery!

Be brave,

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bravelets Holiday Gift Planning Guide + Gift Ideas!

Hello all, and happy gift buying season! This is a busy time of year and it is easy to lose your organization skills to the hectic holidays. That's where we come in...

We have created a Holiday Gift Planner Download to track all the gifts you want to buy for your loved ones! Personally, I am OBSESSED with this planner and I have already filled three pages!! 

This planner is the perfect addition to every make-shift Santa's workshop you have in your home...

When you have a big family and lots of friends to shop for this season, it can get overwhelming. I got Bravelets™ for almost everyone I know this year, and it's easy to mix up all the cute blue bags. I want to make sure that all of them made it to me and that I am gifting them to the correct person. My little niece doesn't want "be brave" earrings...her ears aren't even pierced!

So brainstorm your gifts ideas, buy some Bravelets for your cause and download this printable to make the holiday magic happen!


Follow this link and click to arrow at the top of the page to download this PDF. From there, just print it out and enjoy your now organized, stress-free holidays!

Be brave,

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

That's a wrap // Double Donation Day 2015

The Bravelets Team post-DDDay
It's safe to say that this year's Double Donation Day was a HUGE SUCCESS. I just want to give an individual, 5-minute hug to each person and organization that participated yesterday. Our mission is to help people be brave through hard times, and part of that is donating to personal fundraisers and charities so that their futures can be even a little bit brighter. Love and prosperity to all the Brave Pages out there who are fundraising. All of our affiliates and Brave Page owners worked so hard to promote DDDay (what we've been calling it around Bravelets HQ) and it paid off...

Here are some quick numbers for you:

Donations raised on DDDay 2014 – $43,400
Donations raised on DDDay 2015 – $76,080 

...if I could capitalize numbers, I would! That is almost double what we managed to raise last year.
The past weekend has been a whirlwind of donations, we topped off at over $100,000 raised from Thanksgiving until now. We have now reached $1.9k in funds raised to date.

This growth, this celebration of giving, really means a lot to our company and to us as individuals. It is simply amazing that people would hold out on our Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday sales in order to give double back to the cause of their choice. That is truly the holiday spirit that Bravelets wishes to nourish.

So, we don't want to stop there! We've got all of December to keep up this trend of giving back, so let's get to it!

Be brave,

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

IT'S HERE // Double Donation Day

It's finally here, what we have all been waiting for!! I hope y'all are as excited as we are. Bravelets HQ is abuzz with donations talk. We got up early this morning to watch all the good work get done. To everyone who participates in Double Donation Day, thank you so much! Giving back is our mission, and today we get to express that fully.

For more info on Double Donation Day, click here.
Keep up to date with us on all Bravelets social media, and check back on this blog for a wrap up post tomorrow!

Be brave,

Monday, November 30, 2015

24 Hours To Go // Double Donation Day COUNTDOWN!

Get excited!! There are only 24 hours left until Double Donation Day! Bravelets HQ is gearing up for the big event and trying our best to make it amazing this year. Everything is stocked, and donations are just itching to go to a great cause! 

If you have any questions about Double Donation day visit our info page or email [email protected] I hope you have the best Double Donation Day ever. And stay tuned, for excitig updates on our Double Donation Day efforts!

Be brave,

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving is here!

From Bravelets, and me, to you! I hope your holiday is filled with family, friends and food!

Give thanks and give back this weekend with us! Our Black Friday sale starts today...
Head on over to our website for some great deals!

Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY15
Be brave,

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thankful For Pie + Recipe!

Today, here at Bravelets HQ, we have our Thanksgiving Office Potluck. And boy, am I excited!!! Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, filled with the best food and amazing people. One of those amazing people this Thanksgiving is our Graphic Designer, Mallory. She has gone above and beyond to make this little pies for the office. I am OBSESSED. Just look at them! They make me want to eat dessert first!

She was gracious to slip me the recipes, which I will now share with you. Pie-making comes naturally to some and to others, well, we will try our best. Apparently, it's a simple recipe...

Pumpkin Pie
1 can pumpkin pie filling 1 can 12 oz evaporated milk 2 eggs 3/4 c sugar 1 tbsp cinnamon 1/2 tbsp ground ginger 1/2 tbsp ground clove 1 box of pre-made crust Topping – whip cream
1. Preheat oven to 425 2. Slice and arrange pie crust in muffin tin - just like apple pie 3. In a small bowl mix together sugar and spices 4. In a large bowl whisk eggs 5. Add pumpkin pie filling to egg mixture, mix thoroughly 6. Stir in the sugar mixture 7. Slowly stir in the evaporated milk 8. Once its all mixed together, pour a bit into a smaller pouring container and fill up muffin tin 9. Bake at 425 for 15 minutes 10. Reduce heat to 350 and bake for 40-50 minutes 11. Let cool for 2 hours, top with whip cream and serve immediately or refrigerate

Cherry Pie
1 can cherry pie filling 1 box premade pie crust 1 egg + water sugar
1. Preheat oven to 400 2. Slice and arrange pie crusts in muffin tin as in previous recipes 3. Spoon cherry pie filling into muffin tin, filling to the top 4. Slice left over pie crust into long strips to create a lattice pie crust 5. Arrange lattice over top of the muffin tin, trim around 6. Make an egg wash by mixing egg and 1 tbsp of water in a small bowl 7. Spread egg wash on top of each lattice crust 8. Sprinkle with sugar 9. Bake at 400 for 18-22 minutes

Apple Pie
8 cups of tart apples (6-8) cut into small bite-sized pieces
3/4 cup of flour
1 1/2 cups pf sugar
2 tbsp of cinnamon
4 tbsp of chilled butter, cut into equal portions
2 boxes of pre-made pie crusts 

4 tbsp of butter (slightly softened)
1/2 cup of brown sugar
1/2 cup of flour

1. Preheat oven to 400 2. Unroll pie crust and using a glass, cut the mini pie crust (each pie roll cut about 7 for me) 3. Spray muffin tin with Pam 4. Set mini pie crust into the muffin tin, making sure pressed against sides evenly 5. Peel apples and dice into small bite sized pieces, put in large bowl 6. Toss with apples the sugar, flour, & cinnamon, make sure all apples are covered 7. Spoon apple filling into muffin tin and fill to the top - don't worry it will cook down 8. Top with a slice of butter 9. Make the Crumb topping by mixing all the ingredients in a separate bowl 10. Top the filling & butter with the crumb topping, make sure the filling is covered 11. Bake at 400 for 18-22 min

These were a hit out our team lunch, and I know you will love them too!

Be brave,

Friday, November 20, 2015

GIVEAWAY for Double Donation Day!

How does a giveaway sound as we gear up for Double Donation Day? Good, right?! You've come to the right place. The big day is right around the corner and we want to spread the word. 

You can help us out by entering the giveaway to win a BE BRAVE MUG and a $20 DONATION in your name to the CAUSE OF YOUR CHOICE!

To enter:

  1. Make sure to FOLLOW @Bravelets on Twitter!
  2. GIVE the contest tweet a ♥ 
  3. RETWEET the contest tweet
  4. FOR 10 EXTRA ENTRIES, print out our printable ( and tweet out a photo of it with #Give20
Tag @Bravelets so that we can find your fun posts! 
This giveaway ends Sunday at 5PM CT. The winner will be announced shortly after and DMed. Best of luck and Happy Double Donation Day!

Be brave,

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Save the date for DOUBLE DONATION DAY!

This Giving Tuesday is Double Donation Day at Bravelets. For every item purchased, $20 will be donated to the associated cause! 

We are so excited about Double Donation and want to spread the message far and wide! Giving Tuesday always follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday as a way to give back during all of the holiday chaos. This year at Bravelets, we are celebrating Giving Tuesday with Double Donation Day on December 1st, 2015! For each Bravelets purchase made within those 24 hours, $20 will be donated to the associated cause.

For more info on Double Donation Day click here or feel free to email me! [email protected]

Getting involved is simple! Just support your cause and tell all your friends about Double Donation Day. We've got a Facebook event you can "attend" and a printable that you can write your cause on, take a picture of, and post on social media! All sounds fun, right?

Things are getting pretty hectic and fun around Bravelets HQ as we gear up for Double Donations Day! But we always try to take a breather and remember why we do what we do. For causes. For charity, awareness and giving back. For bravery. 

To download the printable, visit the Facebook Event Page and look for our download post!

Be brave,

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Holiday Cheer + Digital Downloads!

The holiday season is just around the corner! And I know we still have Thanksgiving to enjoy (I didn't forget about you, Thanksgivingheads, there is a recipe post coming out soon!) but isn't the holiday season just beautiful??

So, I thought I would help y'all get into the spirit of things with a free, festive digital download for your phone and desktop!



Download phone wallpaper here!  

Download the desktop wallpaper here!

Click the above link + right click the image to choose to "save image as...".
For iPhones, email or text it to your phone + save it to your camera roll, then set it as your phone background!
For Desktops, simply change your desktop background to your new festive download!

Be brave, 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Where Bravelets Come From // China Trip + Guest Blogger!

Our jewelry suppliers are located in Guangzhou, China—about a two-hour train ride outside of Hong Kong—and once a year, CEO Stephanie Hansen travels to China and visits the supply houses there. Stephanie just got back and brought fun photos with her! This is your chance to see a little more of a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a Bravelet. I'm gonna let Stephanie get into it...

Guangzhou, China

Our main contact is Michelle, our Production Manager in China.  She manages relationships with all of our current and new suppliers.  Michelle is in charge of placing orders, quality assurance, facilitating shipments to the US, etc.  She and I are in close communication almost every day through email and Skype.  She has been instrumental to Bravelets’ fast growth – by ensuring that we are able to ramp up our manufacturing to meet demand for all you lovely customers!

Michelle, Production Manager
       On the trip, I met with our manufacturers, performed some Quality Assurance on items currently in production, discussed product improvements with Michelle and attended a jewelry show in Hong Kong.  I also travelled for two nights with Michelle and her entire family (Michelle being the only one who speaks English).  We all visited two towns I had never been to before (Guilin and Yangshuo).  Traveling around China with someone else’s family, not speaking with language, and experiencing the culture first hand was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. 

A ton of Bravelets!

The most inspiring part of it all is the work that has gone into Bravelets in the past three years, and not just here in the U.S. 

I started working with Michelle shortly after Bravelets launched. Our very first batch of Bravelets came from a different supplier, but the 2nd order through today have all been managed by Michelle.  I travel to China once a year to meet with our suppliers (March 2013, Sept 2014, Sept 2015). On my first visit to China, Michelle expressed that I had inspired her to be an entrepreneur, and that her dream was to own her own company in Guangzhou.  Over the years, I have provided advice and guidance to her, and we have worked together to grow our businesses.  I love win-win situations, and this is definitely one of those that has been mutually beneficial to both of us.  

Not only has Michelle been able to start her own company, be her own boss, and provide jobs for over 10 people in China, but she has also been able to support her family and create a better life for them.  One of the most gratifying moments for me in my entire life/career, was when I visited Michelle in 2014, and she showed me the new house that her family was living in, which was WAY nicer than the house she had shown me in 2013.  In just over a year, with the money that Michelle has made working with Bravelets, she was able to go from living in a very small one-bedroom apartment with her mom and dad, to a four-story house where they now live with many of the luxuries that we all take for granted.

Be brave,

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November Awareness Months!

This month we have partnered with some charities for November Awareness and we are trying to spread awareness about education and fundraising! If you are interested in supporting any of these cause, visit a Brave Page on our website and give back!

Be brave,

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Meet Our Newest Addition!

It's an exciting time for Bravelets! We are adding a lot of new members and new traditions to the office team. Keeping up with how fast we are growing is difficult, but made less so by all the people doing A+ work at Bravelets HQ. 

Joshua Womack, Jr. PHP Developer

So, are you ready to meet the newest member of our team? I sat down with him for a little Getting To Know You, Getting To Know All About You session. And while we didn't end up singing the King and I together, it was a fun and informative meeting. 

Favorite Bravelets style? Original Stitched Leather!

Cause close to your heart? Breast runs in my family, so it is something that has been in my life. I would love to spread more awareness about it.

Personal mantra? It's easy to get caught up in big picture things. I find that focusing on the small tasks and accomplishing them, one by one, is an efficient way to stay calm about the larger problems at hand.

If you could be any superhero...? Iron Man. Definitely Iron Man, minus all his major flaws like alcoholism.

Favorite color? Orange.

Best way to spend a Saturday? Traveling!

On that note, where is your favorite place to travel? Chicago.

Tea or Coffee? Coffee all the way. (Side note: Josh has brought all sorts of fancy gizmos and gadgets to the office that apparently make coffee. He delivered a cup to my desk this morning, and it was delicious! It pays to have a coffee nerd/office barista around.)

Who inspires you? I know it's cliché, but my mom always inspires me.

Josh is a great fit around the Bravelets office! He is excited to be here and we are excited to have him. Bravelets has  some exciting things in it's future and good help is hard to find, as they say. But, I think we've found it with people like him on the team. Welcome to Bravelets, Josh!

Be brave, 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Bravelet's Favorites! // Employee Picks + Favorite Styles

You are slowly, but surely, meeting the Bravelets Team! Soooo, want to know what some of their favorite styles of Bravelets are??? Here is a comprehensive list of all the office faves!

Mallory loves the "Be Brave" Earrings,
Stephanie is always wearing her Original Leather Bracelet,
Kat doesn't leave the house without her Signature Bar Bracelet,
Lizzy likes the Original Rope Bracelet,
Wes thinks the Charms are sentimental and sweet,
Maggie can pair her Signature Bar Necklace with any outfit,
Ben is a fan of the Braided Leather Bracelet,
Dusty's favorite gift to give is the Maya Bracelet,
and Josue thinks the Stitched Leather Bracelet is super cool!

You can see all the jewelry in the photo above and shop for them on our website! The holidays are coming up, and Bravelets make great gifts!

Be brave,

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy Halloweekend! + A Treat

I wanted to pop in today and wish everyone a happy, fun and safe Halloween! I, personally, LOVE Halloween and I have been expressing my love for it around the office since October 1st. This year, I've already worn two different costumes (and I've got another one for Halloween night), polished off several bags of candy meant for trick-or-treaters, and watched every family-friendly Halloween movie I can get my hands on! But chew on this:  I have never carved a pumpkin before!

Today at Bravelets HQ, there was a pumpkin carving pizza party on the calendar and I was so excited!

Here is my finished product. I thought I would do the Ghost Emoji...isn't it adorable??? I will let in you in on something no one tells you about pumpkin carving: you have to have upper body strength and lots of motivation for it. Luckily, my Halloween spirit kicked in, and I got a finished product I am quite proud of!

I want to send you off for Halloween festivities this weekend in style, so I'll let you know about the coupon code we have running today through Halloween (10/31)! Use TREAT10 to receive 10% off your purchase (sale excludes charms). Support your causes this Halloween! Don't be scared, be brave.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bravery of the Day // BOTD

I'd like to start a new trend...bare with me. For those of you not well-versed in Instagram or deep into the blogosphere, I have some hastags to introduce you to: #OOTD, #JOTD, #FOTD, #POTD...etc. These are terms to identify things "of the day" or OTD. Outfit of the day, jewelry, name it! This trend focuses on things that we do every day, something to define the entire 24 hours.
And what do we need every day? Bravery.

For those struggling with chronic illnesses, hard diagnoses, sick family members and more...bravery is so helpful for the every day. It's what Bravelets is modeled for. So, let's start another hashtag: #BraveryoftheDay or #BOTD for short. Post it on your instagram, twitter, and blog; or simply keep in it your heart! Find one reason, thought or being to be brave for every day.

For today, I would like to share with a you a video of the Bravelets Team celebrating at a company lunch a couple weeks ago. We are all brave for each other so that we can create the best environment for support, creativity and giving back! And we love to goof around, so that's a plus.


Be brave,

Thursday, October 22, 2015

DIY Fall Leaf Bowl Craft // Easy + Decorative

I thought doing some DIY crafts for around the office might be a fun way to celebrate the changing of the seasons! And I enlisted help to accomplish my big craft goal, so there was also some coworker bonding. I am not a very crafty person, so I picked out a Level 1 craft on Pinterest and just ran with it! It's a really cute, semi-sturdy leaf bowl! I love fall colors and this was a perfect way to make something in that color palette, but also make it useful. Who doesn't love bowls, right?

Here are the materials you'll need:

  • Leaves, real or fake (Real leaves will work but only if they aren't too fragile and crunchy!)
  • Modge Podge
  • A couple balloons
  • A bowl or plate
  • Paper towels (it gets messy!)
  • Paintbrush (optional)
  • Basket or container

 Since we are located in Texas, there weren't any fall colored leaves anywhere yet, so I had to resort to purchasing some fabric ones for the craft. They were a bit cumbersome to work with, but the finished product turned out great!


Blow up your balloons to your desired size. We made a medium sized bowl and large bowl, so we blew them up accordingly. Remember, the bigger the bowl the longer it will take the modge podge to dry.
Pour some modge podge into your bowl and lay out your leaves. I bought some of different colors and sizes to make a multicolored bowl.
Dip the colored/prettier side of the leaf into the modge podge and lay it, face down, on your balloon. Then take your paintbrush, or your fingers, and apply a layer of modge podge over the leaf so it lays flat on the balloon.
Repeat this step, overlapping the leaves so there are no holes in your bowls, until your leaves cover half of the balloon.

Let the leaves dry overnight with the balloon sitting up right in a container.
When you come back to a dry balloon, turn it upside down so the leaves are in a bowl configuration and pop the balloon.
The balloon will still be attached to some of the leaves, just peel the leaves away gently.
AND now you have a bowl!

Go forth and put keys; paperclips; or dare I say, CANDY, in your new fall bowl and be inspired by the fall colors all day long!

Be brave,

p.s. – If you want to see the amazing popping footage we gathered during this craft session, keep scrolling... (Note: I do not like balloons, and my face totally says it all.)


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Follow us on Snapchat!

Bravelets is on snapchat! And let me tell you, snapchat is a very fun place to be! If you want around the office hoopla and daily inspiration delivered to you through quick pics, you should definitely follow Bravelets. I personally run the snapchat, so you can count on it being as entertaining as this blog.

To follow us, search 'bravelets' on snapchat and add us as a friend, or simply scan the code above in the app! I'll see you over there!

Be brave,

Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Spooky Treat!

It's the middle of October, so it is completely acceptable that I can't stop thinking about Halloween! I thought I would make a little treat to bring into the office for everyone to enjoy, but first I had evaluate my skill levels as a baker. Luckily, I came across a recipe for Homemade Poptarts and figured, I could "whip" something up! 

The great thing about poptarts is that they are so easy to cut into whatever cute shape you desire, like ghosts and pumpkins! I tried my best to apply my artistic skills to this baking endeavor. While they might not look Pinterest-approved, the treats sure were delicious (and I have saved emails from coworkers giving them rave reviews to prove it!) 

These adorable ghost tarts would be great for a Halloween Party, office treat, a spooky gift, or simply eating all by yourself! Get creative and have a decorating party! My absolute favorite part of these baked goods is that they are totally customizable and fantastic for relaying messages of bravery. 

I hope you catch the Halloween Spirit this October and get inspired to bake some treats too!

Be brave,

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

One More Rung Up the Ladder // Donations to Date!

Bravelets is ever-growing thanks to all the support we get from you guys! All of these donations we give to organizations and causes wouldn't be possible with all of the giving and inspiring people that support their causes through us. To think we were just at $1.5 million dollars in donations a couple months ago is crazy!!! We love to watch this number grow exponentially as each Bravelet is purchased. Here's to climbing the ladder to our goals and always supporting the causes we believe in!

Be brave,
09 10