Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy Halloweekend! + A Treat

I wanted to pop in today and wish everyone a happy, fun and safe Halloween! I, personally, LOVE Halloween and I have been expressing my love for it around the office since October 1st. This year, I've already worn two different costumes (and I've got another one for Halloween night), polished off several bags of candy meant for trick-or-treaters, and watched every family-friendly Halloween movie I can get my hands on! But chew on this:  I have never carved a pumpkin before!

Today at Bravelets HQ, there was a pumpkin carving pizza party on the calendar and I was so excited!

Here is my finished product. I thought I would do the Ghost Emoji...isn't it adorable??? I will let in you in on something no one tells you about pumpkin carving: you have to have upper body strength and lots of motivation for it. Luckily, my Halloween spirit kicked in, and I got a finished product I am quite proud of!

I want to send you off for Halloween festivities this weekend in style, so I'll let you know about the coupon code we have running today through Halloween (10/31)! Use TREAT10 to receive 10% off your purchase (sale excludes charms). Support your causes this Halloween! Don't be scared, be brave.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bravery of the Day // BOTD

I'd like to start a new trend...bare with me. For those of you not well-versed in Instagram or deep into the blogosphere, I have some hastags to introduce you to: #OOTD, #JOTD, #FOTD, #POTD...etc. These are terms to identify things "of the day" or OTD. Outfit of the day, jewelry, name it! This trend focuses on things that we do every day, something to define the entire 24 hours.
And what do we need every day? Bravery.

For those struggling with chronic illnesses, hard diagnoses, sick family members and more...bravery is so helpful for the every day. It's what Bravelets is modeled for. So, let's start another hashtag: #BraveryoftheDay or #BOTD for short. Post it on your instagram, twitter, and blog; or simply keep in it your heart! Find one reason, thought or being to be brave for every day.

For today, I would like to share with a you a video of the Bravelets Team celebrating at a company lunch a couple weeks ago. We are all brave for each other so that we can create the best environment for support, creativity and giving back! And we love to goof around, so that's a plus.


Be brave,

Thursday, October 22, 2015

DIY Fall Leaf Bowl Craft // Easy + Decorative

I thought doing some DIY crafts for around the office might be a fun way to celebrate the changing of the seasons! And I enlisted help to accomplish my big craft goal, so there was also some coworker bonding. I am not a very crafty person, so I picked out a Level 1 craft on Pinterest and just ran with it! It's a really cute, semi-sturdy leaf bowl! I love fall colors and this was a perfect way to make something in that color palette, but also make it useful. Who doesn't love bowls, right?

Here are the materials you'll need:

  • Leaves, real or fake (Real leaves will work but only if they aren't too fragile and crunchy!)
  • Modge Podge
  • A couple balloons
  • A bowl or plate
  • Paper towels (it gets messy!)
  • Paintbrush (optional)
  • Basket or container

 Since we are located in Texas, there weren't any fall colored leaves anywhere yet, so I had to resort to purchasing some fabric ones for the craft. They were a bit cumbersome to work with, but the finished product turned out great!


Blow up your balloons to your desired size. We made a medium sized bowl and large bowl, so we blew them up accordingly. Remember, the bigger the bowl the longer it will take the modge podge to dry.
Pour some modge podge into your bowl and lay out your leaves. I bought some of different colors and sizes to make a multicolored bowl.
Dip the colored/prettier side of the leaf into the modge podge and lay it, face down, on your balloon. Then take your paintbrush, or your fingers, and apply a layer of modge podge over the leaf so it lays flat on the balloon.
Repeat this step, overlapping the leaves so there are no holes in your bowls, until your leaves cover half of the balloon.

Let the leaves dry overnight with the balloon sitting up right in a container.
When you come back to a dry balloon, turn it upside down so the leaves are in a bowl configuration and pop the balloon.
The balloon will still be attached to some of the leaves, just peel the leaves away gently.
AND now you have a bowl!

Go forth and put keys; paperclips; or dare I say, CANDY, in your new fall bowl and be inspired by the fall colors all day long!

Be brave,

p.s. – If you want to see the amazing popping footage we gathered during this craft session, keep scrolling... (Note: I do not like balloons, and my face totally says it all.)


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Follow us on Snapchat!

Bravelets is on snapchat! And let me tell you, snapchat is a very fun place to be! If you want around the office hoopla and daily inspiration delivered to you through quick pics, you should definitely follow Bravelets. I personally run the snapchat, so you can count on it being as entertaining as this blog.

To follow us, search 'bravelets' on snapchat and add us as a friend, or simply scan the code above in the app! I'll see you over there!

Be brave,

Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Spooky Treat!

It's the middle of October, so it is completely acceptable that I can't stop thinking about Halloween! I thought I would make a little treat to bring into the office for everyone to enjoy, but first I had evaluate my skill levels as a baker. Luckily, I came across a recipe for Homemade Poptarts and figured, I could "whip" something up! 

The great thing about poptarts is that they are so easy to cut into whatever cute shape you desire, like ghosts and pumpkins! I tried my best to apply my artistic skills to this baking endeavor. While they might not look Pinterest-approved, the treats sure were delicious (and I have saved emails from coworkers giving them rave reviews to prove it!) 

These adorable ghost tarts would be great for a Halloween Party, office treat, a spooky gift, or simply eating all by yourself! Get creative and have a decorating party! My absolute favorite part of these baked goods is that they are totally customizable and fantastic for relaying messages of bravery. 

I hope you catch the Halloween Spirit this October and get inspired to bake some treats too!

Be brave,

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

One More Rung Up the Ladder // Donations to Date!

Bravelets is ever-growing thanks to all the support we get from you guys! All of these donations we give to organizations and causes wouldn't be possible with all of the giving and inspiring people that support their causes through us. To think we were just at $1.5 million dollars in donations a couple months ago is crazy!!! We love to watch this number grow exponentially as each Bravelet is purchased. Here's to climbing the ladder to our goals and always supporting the causes we believe in!

Be brave,

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Highlights: We Love Our Brave Pages

A Brave Page is a platform to share your story and why your cause is so close to your heart. It also has a fundraising element to it: you can personally raise money for a cause, organization, family or friend in need of support. The Bravelet you wear is a conversation starter, a difference-maker, and a stylish piece of jewelry all in in one. Spreading you story through a Brave Page can inspire others to reach higher, give back, and most importantly: Be Brave. And that's exactly what this wonderful Brave Page owner has done.

Brave Page Owner: Stephanie Kingston, Cate's mother

Cate Kingston
Meet Cate. 
Smart. Observant. Funny. Kind. Artistic.

On Aug. 7, our daughter Cate was diagnosed with B Cell-Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) at Rady's Children's Hospital in San Diego. It is hard to comprehend our active, funny, feisty five year old was learning to surf in the California sunshine days before her life altering diagnosis. We were stunned. In one moment, the life you once knew would be no more. 
Our precious girl is gearing up for quite a battle. Her medical team believes her outlook is hopeful, but her treatment plan is going to be a long 2.5 year journey. Those who know Cate recognize her feisty warrior princess spirit will undoubtedly carry her through this challenging time. But we have been told to expect the unexpected -- often by taking two steps forward and one step back. 
Cheryl Strayed once wrote "You will learn a lot about yourself if you stretch in the direction of goodness, of bigness, of kindness, of forgiveness, of emotional bravery. Be a warrior for love.” 

– CateStrong Brave Page

Stephanie found out about Bravelets through a good friend of hers and decided to set up a Brave Page for Cate. She hopes to share Cate's story so people can see this cancer through her family and her daughter. Childhood cancer is difficult to talk about...and it is not as rare as you would like to believe. But Stephanie is trying to spread awareness by sharing a personal story for a personal cause.
She says that having a token to remind her and her family of their journey alongside Cate, something to keep them brave, really brings a sense of togetherness and strength to Cate's battle with Leukemia. Being able to fundraise with these very tokens of solidarity as well is a plus! The Brave Page fundraiser aspect allows friends and family to contribute to her medical and treatment fund while also keeping Cate in their hearts. 

But Cate is not her diagnosis, that much should be noted. She is the "Princess Warrior" as she is lovingly referred to by her family. Cate is creative and artistic, and very adventurous. She can often be found riding a dirt bike in a pink tutu! She is positive and vibrant through her treatment, and has a huge support system backing her up. 

Cate, 2 weeks ago while waiting for a chemotherapy appointment
Cate was diagnosed in August and is in the beginning stages of her treatment plan. The battle has been complicated and strenuous, but she remains very positive despite that. You can keep up with her story through her Brave Page or on her Facebook page.

Thanks so much to her mother, Stephanie Kingston, for talking with me about their story.

Be brave,

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fall Trends // OOTD + JOTD

Fall is finally here—depending on where you are, I know here in Texas we are falling behind—but we are all drinking lattes and donning our oxblood nail polish! I believe that whenever you have the chance to snuggle up in a sweater, you should! They are so cute and comforting. That is the main feeling I get from fall: comfort. I take comfort in warm drinks, spending time with family, and wearing my awesome Bravelets every where I go.

I thought I would show you my ideal Outfit of the Day and Jewelry of the Day for fall. I love a soft, neutral sweater with a fun, floppy hat to keep the sun out of my face. Throw on a jean jacket for good measure (denim is making a come back!). For accessories, I can't live without my "be brave" earrings and a Gold Signature Bar bracelet to match! If you aren't into gold, go for some Original Leather bracelets in pretty fall colors.

Fall is all about what makes you feel good and inspiring yourself for a crisp, new start!

Be brave,

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Get To Know #11 on The Bravelets Team

Our newest employee, Ben Aldridge, joined the team on Monday and is settling into his office. The big windows wash the space in natural light—a great environment for working, according to Ben.

Ben Aldridge, Operations Manager at Bravelets

I performed a rapid-fire series of questions on Ben to gauge his personality for this post, and what I ended up finding out was exactly how much he fits in at Bravelets. Here is what Ben had to say...

Favorite Bravelets style? Original Braided Leather!

Cause close to your heart? I donate to the Blood Center of Central Texas.

Personal mantra? "If you can be smart, be smart. If you can't be smart, be resourceful."

Pick a superhero! If I need to choose a favorite superhero, I'll have to choose one from the make-believe universe that really matters: Star Wars. I choose Han Solo. He is undoubtedly the coolest superhero in the Star Wars universe, or for that matter, any universe. He's got it all.

Favorite color? Kelly Green. (Me too!)

Best way to spend a Saturday? Exercise + naps, maybe a cup of tea.

Speaking of which, favorite tea? Decaf green tea.

Who inspires you? My dad, he is simply the greatest human being alive.

Ben is enthusiastic, great to talk with, and passionate about organization (a quality I would kill for). He tells me that he is very happy to be here and excited about the Bravelets mission and culture. "I hope to help folks help folks," Ben says. We all hope to help, and we are all here because we care. He proves to be a great addition to an already strong team! Welcome to Bravelets, Ben!

Be brave,

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