Wednesday, August 30, 2017

100% Proceeds Donated: Hurricane Harvey Relief

Friday, August 25 Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas Coast line, and even as we write this now 6 days later Harvey has only weakened to a Tropical Storm but is continuing to Louisiana. This disaster has been ruthless and painful for millions of people. Texas is home to Bravelets and we have watched friends homes flooded and destroyed in the Houston area, Rockport, Victoria, La Grange, and more. We knew we needed to do something to help, which is why we created a TEXAS BRAVE collection, available as a necklace and bracelet donating  100% of proceeds to the American Red Cross - Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

Bravelets Founder, Stephanie Hansen is currently in Houston with her streets flooded and unable to leave. She is seeing first hand the devastating impact Harvey has caused. Others in the  the Bravelets team are in Austin, and we are helping the city prepare to receive about 7,000 evacuees from all over Texas.

We launched the Texas Brave Collection on Tuesday, August 30 and have since raised over $3,000 in a little under 24 hours!! Our team is so excited to keep this fundraiser going until we can raise as much as possible. Shop for your own bracelet or necklace here:

Aren’t interested in our Texas Brave Collection but still want to give back to the American Red Cross? Shop our main product collection and still donate 10% of your purchase! View all our products for the American Red Cross - Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund here:

Of course you can donate directly to the Red Cross - Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund  - text the word HARVEY to 90999. You can also visit or call 1-800-RED CROSS.

We are so much braver together. Thank you for standing with us and helping the people of Texas. Bravelets is ready to help in any way we can to rebuild and restore our communities in Texas and beyond.


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