Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Be Brave and Relax: A Playlist

Is it just me or is April always one of the most stressful months? Maybe its the ever-looming presence of summer, the pressure to plan vacations for the family, or the increasing need to do some spring cleaning. Whatever is the cause of your stress this April, we compiled a playlist of some of our favorite music to listen to to destress and relax. This playlist ranges from instrumental pianos to acoustic covers. Whether you need to nap or buckle down and get some work done, this playlist will help you do so. 

Listen and Relax:

▶︎ All Good- Cameron
▶︎ A Better Place- Scott Maynarde
▶︎ Waterfall- Michel Simone
▶︎ Hot Gates- Mumford & Sons
▶︎ Ocean Stone- Chris O'Brien
▶︎ In the Clouds- Astron
▶︎ I Do- Susie Suh
▶︎ Stay Alive- José Gonzales
▶︎ Equal- Dylan Francis
▶︎ Samson- Regina Spektor
▶︎ You There- Aquilo
▶︎ Everyone's Got Something- Perrin Lamb
▶︎ Honey Hold Me- Morningsiders
▶︎ The Walk of Life- Eucalyptic
▶︎ Leaving You- Corey Crowder


  1. Thanks for your playlist. You practically read my mind. My work at is so intense in the last months that all I need right now is to relax. Thank you for your efforts.

  2. Really relaxing playlist, thank you!

  3. Thank you for sharing! In fact, I listen to other people's playlists very often, often I find quite a lot of tracks for myself :)) As for April, I think it's tense for most people. For me, the spring period is quite complicated. After all, the weather usually changes, the day becomes longer. Last year, in spring, I decided to change jobs and become an essay writer. Because of this, there were a lot of new troubles and worries :))
    By the way, which tracks do you like the most?
    I liked most from the list of A Better Place- Scott Maynarde and The Walk of Life-Eucalyptic

  4. So thank you for this playlist! It is exactly that I need for my in Australian Writers need to relax all time:)