Monday, April 10, 2017

Brave Page Highlight: Dr. Dan's Fans

We love sharing outstanding Brave Pages and this week's is nothing short of inspirational! 

Dr. Dans Fan's was created March 17, 2017 and has already sold 71 items and raised $273 in donations for the Colon Cancer Alliance! 

The creator, Amber, wrote this about Dr. Dan

"Dr. Dan was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in 2016. He is currently undergoing treatment. I felt that starting a Fund Raiser for Colon Cancer research could help him and other's who are affected by this terrible disease have a chance at new treatments and possibilities!"

Dr. Dan, we are wishing you the best in your journey and keep being brave! It's apparent you are an inspiration to your community. Check out his Brave Page here.  

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  1. As a Lymphoma patient of some years (it 'smoulders'!)and a researcher into cancer with, I can sympathise with cancer patients. Being so young to have a diagnosis such as this; a complex cancer with prognoses that can be very uncertain. But as far as the media and cancer is concerned that 'industry' knows the word 'cancer' sells and they flog it relentlessly in order to sell their 'product'. There is data in the literature (medical) to support this claim. But what is irresponsible (and annoying) is the repetitive use of the words: 'Breakthrough' and 'Cure'. How many breakthroughs have there been? How many cures promised? Hundreds, thousands; maybe more. Yet the known causes of many cancers are still unknown. Take breast cancer. All the billions spent on breast cancer research but in 2014 no-one knows what causes it or how to prevent it. Ditto: pancreas, various lymphomas & some leukaemia's plus others. The media is often guilty of blindly accepting what the research institutes and cancer charities tell them and maybe they don't know what questions to ask. And the competition amongst the cancer charities is intense and they are hungry for media coverage to boost fund raising income. Yes. All very untidy and there has to be some consolidation. More efficiency and some standards set for what is claimed in the media. The cancer charities should take a deep breath and spend some time & money educating reporters. It would help everyone whether they are patients or not.

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