Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Here at Bravelets, we love supporting all causes that are important to you! Many of the causes have special months or days to bring awareness and raise funds for research. This month we are partnering with The Colon Cancer Alliance to raise awareness for colon cancer! 

Colorectal cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in men and women. Most people do not realize that colorectal cancer is highly preventable with regular screening and has a high treatment success rate if caught early.

The Colon Cancer Alliance helps to serve all those touched by colorectal cancer as the largest patient advocacy organization dedicated to this disease. Our mission is to knock colon cancer out of the top three cancer killers. We are doing this by championing prevention, funding cutting-edge research and providing the highest quality free of charge patient support services.

We spoke with Alison, the Development Manager at Colon Cancer Alliance who said, " I am extremely impressed with the Colon Cancer Alliance’s dedication to mission and whom we serve. This organization has allowed me to be part a cause bigger than myself and in some small way, give back to those who need it most."


One in twenty people in their lives with be diagnosed with colorectal cancer
In 2000, President Clinton set March as National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
• The American Cancer Society estimates that out of the roughly 140,000 people who will be diagnosed this year, approximately 50,000 will die. This is why getting screened regularly is so important because it has a high treatment success rate if caught early.


First, participate in Colon Cancer Awareness Month! During the entire month, The Colon Cancer Alliance celebrates patients and survivors as well as work to raise awareness and funds to help support our mission. Throughout March, there are plenty of ways everyone can get involved in spreading the word. Visit to see what’s happening near you!

Secondly, donated to their cause! Bravelets is proud to partner with them this month and offer a 25% off coupon for any product purchased in support of The Colon Cancer Alliance! Use coupon code: CCALLIANCE25

Most Importantly - remember that when it comes to colon cancer, tomorrow CAN'T wait. Get screened if you are over 50 years old!


  1. While I understand that everyone's experience with cancer is completely different, I will say that ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING. My mother passed away two years ago after a 13 year battle with breast cancer that doctors said should have taken her life within 5 years or less of her original diagnosis. I was 10 when she was diagnosed, too young to comprehend the severity of the situation or what was happening. She was a 36 year old single mom and her greatest fear was that she would die and I would be forced to live with my irresponsible and self centered idiot of a father. And up until her dying day she swore that I was the reason she held on for as long as she did. She had something to live for and so do you, Leah. You have children. And while I can only imagine how impossibly difficult it may be sometimes to stay positive through an experience like fighting cancer, I find it hard to believe that your kids don't pick up on your negative attitude.When all you see in the world is evil and death and despair that will reflect on your kids. And it will reflect on your experience on every journey you take in life. Having a woe is me attitude will only hurt you and those around you and it will only amplify the physical pain you are feeling. I do somewhat agree that breast cancer awareness month has become rather commercialized, but to many, myself included, it's about so much more than pink. For me it symbolizes the fight my mother experienced and the hope that she clung to even in her darkest hours. She knew she wasn't going to live a long, healthy, happy life the way she deserved. I knew it too and my whole family knew it, though after doctors didn't have much to say we did ask expert writers to do a thorough research into my Mom's cancer and we didn't give up till the end. But that didn't stop us from having many wonderful and happy days together while we could. God forbid you ever have to go through the pain you have endured again, but if you ever do I hope and pray for your own sake as well as your children's that you get through it and realize that the world is not as dark and evil as you seem to see it.

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