Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Who said Halloween had to be scary? 
Add a little inspiration to your porch this holiday with a chalkboard pumpkin! 
Find out how!

•  Pumpkins - Make sure they are not too bumpy and have a good amount of space to write!
•  Chalkboard spray paint
•  Gesso Primer
•  Sponge paintbrush 
•  Chalk
•  Gold acrylic paint (optional)

First, I gave my pumpkins a little sponge bath to get any excess dirt off. After the pumpkins are clean and dry, I painted a layer of Gesso primer on each pumpkin. This helps to keep your pumpkin looking fresh and gives the chalkboard paint a good base. When the Gesso was completely dry, I took the pumpkins outside to spray on 2-3 coats of chalkboard paint. As a finishing touch, I painted the stems of the pumpkins gold!
It is best to allow the paint to dry for 2 hours. Once they are dry, you're ready to start writing and inspiring! The chalk erases very easily, so you can add a new inspirational message everyday!

Good luck with your DIY pumpkins! 


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  7. Love making art out of pumpkins. And I think these would be great for any time of year, not just Halloween. I don't know why pumpkins are never used for Christmas. Thanks for this amazing idea.


  8. Why you have painted the pumpkin? I love the original color of the pumpkin.