Monday, September 8, 2014


You know those empty wine bottles you have laying around since last Thursday’s ladies' night? Instead of tossing them in the recycling bin, use them for this week's craft! This DIY project is how to make a jewelry display with a little bit of paint and those left-over bottles. It's super simple, and look how pretty they turn out! It's the perfect way to show-off all your Bravelets jewelry. 

Empty bottles 
Spray paint (Whatever color you want!) 
Painters tape
Paper bags 
Goo Gone (optional) 

Step 1: Gather up all the bottles you would like to use! I tried to get some different shapes and sizes for a varied look. 

Step 2: You can either spray the labels down with Goo Gone, or start soaking the bottles in a mixture of warm water and dish soap. Either way, let them sit for 10-20 minutes. 

Step 3: Start scraping! I have done this craft a few times before, and this is the first time I really paid attention to getting the label and residue completely off. It really does make your finished bottles look so much better. I used a combination of Goo Gone and hot water scrubs before getting each label off completely. Be patient - it is worth it! 

Step 4: Set out a layer of old paper bags or painting tarp. It’s always best to spray paint outside - those fumes can be strong! Start spraying with your base layer color about 6-8 inches from your bottle. If you spray too much or too close the paint will become too heavy in that spot and start dripping. I sprayed 3 coats of my base color. Be sure to let the the bottles dry between coats, and then let them dry for at least 45 minutes after the final coat. 

Step 5: Painting different colors on top of your base coat is always a fun option! Tape off the sections you want to keep the base color with painter's tape. I did some gold accent stripes on two of my bottles. Let this color set and dry for another 45 minutes. 

Step 6: After everything is dry, you are all set to start using these stylish bottles for Bravelets jewelry displays!

I hope you have fun with this craft! Be sure to share your photos with us on Facebook and Instagram.


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