Monday, August 25, 2014


Getting ready to send your child back to school is hard enough as it is. For parents of children with food allergies, trusting that new teachers and caregivers will take these allergies just as seriously as you do is even more of a challenge! 

Ensuring that the school staff and your child’s new teacher are all well aware of these allergies is key to your child’s safety. To help make this transition a little easier, we created these FREE printable allergy alert cards! 

These cards are a perfect first line of defense in making sure your child does not come in contact with their allergens. We have designed both a small and large size, to help best fit your needs. They can be easily laminated and either attached to, or tossed into, your child’s diaper bag, lunchbox or backpack. You can also simply hand a copy to your child’s teacher to make sure they have all the needed information to keep your child safe.

Another place with great resources to help you manage your child’s food allergies at school is the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) website. Bravelets™ supports FARE with our food allergy awareness jewelry here. For each item purchased on their page, $10 is donated back to their organization to help fund research, education and awareness related to food allergies.

We hope that these allergy alert cards make sending your child back to school a little bit easier and help to put your mind at ease for the times when you can’t be present with your little one. Have a safe, happy and healthy school year! 

Download the Printables here:

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