Thursday, July 21, 2016

Vacation, all we ever wanted!

We've got half the summer left, and hopefully you haven't used up all your vacation days yet! Everyone needs a break...whether it be a tropical getaway, an escape to a colder climate, or a staycation!

I've compiled a list of what I think are the best vacation spots this summer! Let me know where you wanna go (or where you've already been) in the comments.

Overseas Adventure
Find a great hostel or rent a room, and post up in a small town in a new country! You can eat some killer food and experience a new culture!

Kat's Example: Flying off to France and eating crepes!

Hometown Tourism
Do all of the cheesy things that you never think to do in the city you live in! Go to the highest rated yelp restaurants, walk through a museum and the best part is that you can sleep in your own bed at the end of the day.

Kat's Example: Visiting the Texas Capitol and standing in line for killer barbecue. Then making a dentist appointment...errands are okay too!

Road Trip
Get in a car with some friends and blast the summer jams! The destination doesn't matter...but you can go see a cool anomaly in your state or make your way to a show out of town. As long as you are with friends!

Kat's Example: Driving to Marfa, TX. The local culture is great and there is always something interesting to do or see, like fireworks!

Theme Park
I know it's hot. I know there will be crowds. But isn't it all worth it when you are the top of that rollercoaster??? I get it. Thrill rides aren't for everyone. But you can also look up local Renaissance Festivals or Street Markets!

Kat's Example: We have two different Six Flags' in Texas, and I frequent both. 

Weekend on the Lake
Maybe it's a family reunion. Maybe it's a vacation full of meditating and nature. But in my opinion, a lake trip is always a good idea! Try to sustain 24 hours without your cellphone and go catch some fish!

Kat's Example: There is a pool in my apartment complex, does that count? I promise to only post one instagram!

And remember to share photos of your Bravelets on vacation with you on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

Be brave,


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