Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Our newest team member!

Some exciting news for everyone! We have a new hire to introduce, you'll be able learn more about her below! She is coming on to tackle our ever growing Independent Fundraising Consultant program. Can you believe the program is growing so fast?! It's a great opportunity and it needs a lot of helping hands, so we are so happy to bring Emily Frazier on board. 

So, are you ready to meet the newest member of our team? 

Official Job Title? Fundraising Consultant Coordinator.

Favorite Bravelets style? Signature Bar Bracelet, in gold!

Cause close to your heart? Breast Cancer.

Personal mantra? You have the same amount of hours in the day as BeyoncĂ©.

If you could be any superhero...? Jean Grey from X-Men. 

Favorite color? Kelly Green.

Best way to spend a Saturday? Definitely watching Netflix.

Best place you have ever traveled? Amsterdam. It was so quaint and beautiful.

Tea or Coffee? Coffee. Is that even a question? 

Who inspires you? My friends, my family, and my dog: Max.

Fun Fact? Remember when I said I liked coffee? That is directly linked to being a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan. I am pretty much a walking Gilmore Girls encyclopedia.

Emily is a great fit around the Bravelets office! We are so happy to have her. Welcome to Bravelets, Emily!

Be brave, 

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