Saturday, January 9, 2016

HOW TO: Make a Vision Board That Inspires YOU!

So, today is National Vision Board Day, so I thought I would do a little tutorial on here. For beginners who have never made a vision board (or maybe never heard of one), they are boards that you decorate with dreams and goals and inspiration! They can be big or small, I have made a desk sized one today, and there aren't any rules on what you can put on your vision board!

I do have some fun suggestions though! I made a vision board specific to my job, but you can make a vision board for any aspect of your life: redecoration, big projects, new haircuts, daily motivation etc.

A vision board is meant to inspire you when you look at it. So google (or pinterest) some of your favorite foods, colors, art, quotes, anything!! My staples are always Emma Stone, pretty hand lettering and sparkles.

Some supplies:

Print out any pictures you want to use and feel free to use left over scrap paper or materials you find around your house/office. Lay them out in a configuration that you like most and then it is time to glue them down.

Modge Podge is easier to use than tape or glue sticks, I find. You paint down a layer on your base, I recommend cardstock, and then put another layer on top of all your cut out pictures. It's also good for sprinkling glitter on top of!

I hope that you find time to make a vision board this weekend! They always help to remind me what my goals are and how excited I am about accomplishing them. I put mine up on my desk and I look to it every time I am unfocused or lost in my work.

I swear they are helpful, so give them a shot!

Be brave,


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