Thursday, November 19, 2015

Save the date for DOUBLE DONATION DAY!

This Giving Tuesday is Double Donation Day at Bravelets. For every item purchased, $20 will be donated to the associated cause! 

We are so excited about Double Donation and want to spread the message far and wide! Giving Tuesday always follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday as a way to give back during all of the holiday chaos. This year at Bravelets, we are celebrating Giving Tuesday with Double Donation Day on December 1st, 2015! For each Bravelets purchase made within those 24 hours, $20 will be donated to the associated cause.

For more info on Double Donation Day click here or feel free to email me! [email protected]

Getting involved is simple! Just support your cause and tell all your friends about Double Donation Day. We've got a Facebook event you can "attend" and a printable that you can write your cause on, take a picture of, and post on social media! All sounds fun, right?

Things are getting pretty hectic and fun around Bravelets HQ as we gear up for Double Donations Day! But we always try to take a breather and remember why we do what we do. For causes. For charity, awareness and giving back. For bravery. 

To download the printable, visit the Facebook Event Page and look for our download post!

Be brave,


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