Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Bravelet's Favorites! // Employee Picks + Favorite Styles

You are slowly, but surely, meeting the Bravelets Team! Soooo, want to know what some of their favorite styles of Bravelets are??? Here is a comprehensive list of all the office faves!

Mallory loves the "Be Brave" Earrings,
Stephanie is always wearing her Original Leather Bracelet,
Kat doesn't leave the house without her Signature Bar Bracelet,
Lizzy likes the Original Rope Bracelet,
Wes thinks the Charms are sentimental and sweet,
Maggie can pair her Signature Bar Necklace with any outfit,
Ben is a fan of the Braided Leather Bracelet,
Dusty's favorite gift to give is the Maya Bracelet,
and Josue thinks the Stitched Leather Bracelet is super cool!

You can see all the jewelry in the photo above and shop for them on our website! The holidays are coming up, and Bravelets make great gifts!

Be brave,

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