Thursday, October 1, 2015

Get To Know #11 on The Bravelets Team

Our newest employee, Ben Aldridge, joined the team on Monday and is settling into his office. The big windows wash the space in natural light—a great environment for working, according to Ben.

Ben Aldridge, Operations Manager at Bravelets

I performed a rapid-fire series of questions on Ben to gauge his personality for this post, and what I ended up finding out was exactly how much he fits in at Bravelets. Here is what Ben had to say...

Favorite Bravelets style? Original Braided Leather!

Cause close to your heart? I donate to the Blood Center of Central Texas.

Personal mantra? "If you can be smart, be smart. If you can't be smart, be resourceful."

Pick a superhero! If I need to choose a favorite superhero, I'll have to choose one from the make-believe universe that really matters: Star Wars. I choose Han Solo. He is undoubtedly the coolest superhero in the Star Wars universe, or for that matter, any universe. He's got it all.

Favorite color? Kelly Green. (Me too!)

Best way to spend a Saturday? Exercise + naps, maybe a cup of tea.

Speaking of which, favorite tea? Decaf green tea.

Who inspires you? My dad, he is simply the greatest human being alive.

Ben is enthusiastic, great to talk with, and passionate about organization (a quality I would kill for). He tells me that he is very happy to be here and excited about the Bravelets mission and culture. "I hope to help folks help folks," Ben says. We all hope to help, and we are all here because we care. He proves to be a great addition to an already strong team! Welcome to Bravelets, Ben!

Be brave,

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